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Transportation Noise (Road, Air, Rail)

       Road, Air and Rail are the three main noise sources in the community . We measure them in resiential areas where annoyance is most pronounced. Such noise mesurement (Monitoring) is usually performed continuously over several hours to several days, then summarized into daily single number vaues of "Day-Night Noise Level"
(DNL) for land use planning and area development.

    We measure noise in the workplace typically at the head position of employees occupied there. This may be done with mete

    We also provide recommendations for architectural desing of the building exterior shell components to isolate the building occupied interior spaces from that noise. The favored criterion for that design process is that the interior noise shall be ledd that DNL 45 in residentil spaces (especially living rooms & bedrooms) and appropriately less for more critical spaces (Studios, Conference & Teleconference Rooms, Theatres etc).

    If you have transportation noise  design problems you would like to discuss, feel free to call, FAX or e-mail us any time.

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