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Open-Office Test Loudspeaker

    The "Open-Plan Office" (open-offices) has become the ubiquitous white-collar work environment. Archirecural acoustics design of that space requires a balance of work station spacing, sound absorption, screening and masking sound to provide a useful degree of acoustic privacy. Acoustic privacy  is primarily determined by speech privacy. 

    Open-Plan Office design is outlined in ASTM  E1374, "Open Office Acoustics". Speech sound attenuation between work stations is evaluated by ASTM 1111. This test utilizes our test loudspeaker (noise generator and driver amplifier) that atisfyies the requirements of ASTM E1179. ASTM E1111 evaluates acoustical ceiling tile, absorptive office divideres (formerly test E1375) and wall coverings (formerly E1376).

     Speech privacy is improved with masking sound. The composite result of furniture and ceiling intgrated with masking sound is evaluated by ASTM E1130 "Standard Test Method for Objective measurement of Speech Privacy in Open Offices Using Articulation Index", also utilizing our test loudspeaker. E1130 is also a benchmark method for measureing the Articulaton Index (AI).

     A special method is also available for evaluating speech transmission through walls and partitions, computed from partition sound transmission data combined with ANSI S3.5 frequency weighting factors as the "Articulation Class" (AC), ASTM 1110.

    We provide a test loudspeaker and a noise generator-amplifier to perform tests according to ASTM E 1111 (and former E1375 & E1376) and E1130. The Random Noise Generator and speaker amplifier-driver is also available separatly (noise generator and driver amplifier).

Last updated 26-Nov-2005.

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