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Teleconferencing spaces

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    In In Teleconferencing, and Videoconferencing as well, the acoustical environment of the room  that you use for it is critical. Any reverberation (echoing) and any HVAC or traffic noise background (ambient) will seriously undermine the success of its use. This can be frustrating, and these interference's must be cured.

    The quantitative values that should not be exceeded are:

1-    Reverberation time must me less that 0.6 seconds at speech frequencies (100Hz--5,000 Hz).  This is assured by having a high NRC (0.9 or more) acoustical tile ceiling and sound absorbing side wall panels.

2-    The ambient noise level should be less than NC-25 (30 dBA). This is assured by having a quiet air supply system and high STC windows; STC 30 and higher in high noise locations.

    Installed excesses beyond these make the room undesirable.

    These criteria have been developed over two decades of our experience. See also "Classroom Acoustics".


    If you have acoustical or noise control design problems you would like to discuss, feel free to call or FAX us any time.

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