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Studio Design

We have provided acoustical studio design details for a wide variety of studios, most notably Broadcast (WMJI, Cleveland; new WWVA, Wheeling), TV (WPXI Pittsburgh, WBST Ball Sate U, Muncie IN) and recording studios (All Ball State telecommunications complex studios), The Center for Contemporary Media of Depauw U. in Greencastle, IN and many more including churches that routinely produce multimedia events.

The main challenge in studio design is to provide a quiet studio space with proper ventilation and with the proper reverberance (usually minimal) for performance sounds. The former requires our expert knowledge of high sound transmission loss wall design against interfering exterior noises as well as our extensive expertise in HVAC quieting. The latter requires our routine measurement of vital room acoustics parameters.

For some experiences, see TVStudioDesign .

We routinely measure room background sound and RT60 ("reverberation time") in octave bands, as well as modern measures of C80 (clarity), D50 (intelligibility), EDT (early delay time) and TCT (central time). All these data provide state-of-the art design parameters which allows us to optimize your individual spaces for your appointed uses.

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