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Material Evaluation

    We provide specialty acoustical materials evaluations services:

Loudspeaker cloth sound reduction measurement and reporting.

    Architects and audio installers have asked many times about the suitability of cloth for such purposes. We will measure and report to you the single-pass sound reduction for any audio frequency up to 20,000 Hz in 1/3 octave band steps. Send one square yard (1 square meter) of your subject material for evaluation.

Transportation noise pass-by test track surface sound absorption.

    ISO 10844 requires that a road vehicle pass-by noise emission test track present not more that 0.1 normal incidence sound absorption. This is required for vehicles sold in the European Common Market, for instance. We can travel with our portable acoustical impedance tube (ASTM C384 and ISO 10534) to your remote site in our private aircraft to measure the surface absorption in situ. No core drilling required! Each test location takes only about 20 minutes to evaluate on-the-spot.

    Fees quoted on request.

    If you have acoustical or noise control design problems you would like to discuss, feel free to call or FAX us any time.

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