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Building Architectural Acoustics

    Building Architectural Acoustics is the oldest application of noise control engineering. It is an intimate part of architectural interior design. It includes noise suppression - or sound enhancement in the case of auditoriums - of sound reflections, and the design of interior demising walls that must also serve as noise barriers. A recent extension of this technology is the "hardening" or insulation of commercial and residential structures against exterior noise; especially that which originates from adjacent roadways,  low-flying aircraft and railroads.

    Campanella Associates provides architects, planners and engineers with modern and effective design procedures to ensure the acoustical success of their projects. These include noise isolation  (insulation  or "sound proofing"), open-plan office design, sound masking (ASTM E1041) as well as vibration isolation.

    Retrofitting noise insulation is now a refined art that is needed where where new uses are generated for existing structures, e.g. old factory buildings being converted into multi-family residences. One can adapt any space to virtually any new purpose through well defined acoustical principles such as sound barrier design and sound absorption technology.

    Recent innovations include cost-effective party wall, window and floating floor design for multi-family structures. We field test these installations per ASTM E 336, ASTM E966 and ASTM E1007; parallel to ASTM E90 ("STC"), E1332 ("OITC") and E 492 ("IIC").

    Traditional air system construction often requires expensive in-line silencers. Our supply-air "plenum silencer" design which is fitted onto existing air handling units  can reduce room noise as much as by 16 dBA with no other system change!

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